Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Indian Summer

The last week has been hot!  Yesterday it was already 80 degrees by the time I left the barn at 9am.  We are lucky where we are near the coast we only get flies a few weeks each year, but unfortunately now is that time and they are out in full force.  It makes Cupid a little cranky.  He has a lot of little scratches on his legs, I think it's from his own hooves when he stomps at flies. 
Fly proof

Last week I had a work event, so my trainer rode Cupid that day and did flatwork, focusing on getting him on the bit.  She said he seemed less comfortable cantering to the left, but did pick up the lead.  She ended her ride doing a little stretchy trot, which we had just started.

The next few times I rode Cupid I did feel him seeking contact a little, and not pushing his nose so far out.  I did a few rides just walk/trot, still taking it easy.  I try to shorten and lengthen the trot a bit, and make sure to balance before turns.  We also worked on 20 meter circles and a little leg yielding. 

On Sunday there were several small crossrails set up in the arena, so after doing flatwork for about half an hour I trotted over a few of the jumps.  We haven't jumped in about two weeks, but Cupid was relaxed.

We had a flatwork lesson yesterday.  I am still working on keeping my legs long, as I tend to push against the stirrup and bring my heels up.  I am also working hard on riding more off the outside rein, or at least not letting it get too long!  

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