Saturday, September 10, 2016

Show Prep

In preparation for our combined test, Cupid got a bath today.  Though he behaves well, he does not really like them.  His winter coat is starting to grow, so he was pretty fluffy after he dried!

I toweled him off and wrapped his legs.  He was great loading into the trailer!  We made the short drive to the event without incident.  We unloaded and got the horses settled in their temporary stalls.  I hung two water buckets and dumped two bags of shavings.  The show office was open but they didn't have the entry packets available so I'll have to remember in the morning.
Cupid is on the far right

After letting the horses relax and eat some hay, we tacked up for a practice ride.  Cupid seemed pretty relaxed.  We mounted up by the barn and walked down the road to the arena.  There wasn't too much activity going on, and our horses were good.  Once in the arena we walked around a little, then all three of us trotted both directions together.  This is the best Cupid has ever been on the first day at a new place!  (Well he has been to the horse park before, so maybe that's why!)  We cantered one at a time.  Cupid and I missed our left lead the first time, but he was good.  Then we each went through our dressage tests.  Our turns down the centerline and halts were pretty good.  My trainer told me to watch my circles, and make sure Cupid doesn't shift his hind end left at the halt but that overall it was good.

We ended the ride by walking along the top of the cross country course, and Cupid was perfect!  I gave him his dinner, then cleaned my tack for tomorrow.  Our dressage test as at 8:10am, and jumping at 10:14.

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