Monday, March 6, 2017

Bobbing for Apples

I tried a new toy for Cupid, making a hole through a large apple and hanging it in from his stall.  It was funny watching him try to take a bite, but he pretty quickly figured out how to pin it against the bars so he can eat it. 

Cupid saw the vet on Friday, and apparently his healing is right on track.  Unfortunately we still have several weeks to go still.  The vet clipped the hair around wound, and though Cupid did not enjoy it he was good about standing.  The vet said we would probably have to cauterize the wound.  I was expecting this, since we did it last time with an almost identical wound.  He also said that a little light riding at a walk wouldn't slow down recovery, just keep it bandaged.

So on Friday afternoon I saddled up for a 15 minute walk around the property.  That was the plan anyways; it ended up being 10 minutes of prancing then 5 minutes walking after Cupid finally settled down.  We had a few iffy moments there, but I tried to sit up and keep my leg on and keep going.  Finally Cupid relaxed and remembered being ridden wasn't such a big deal.

It rained this weekend, and even snowed/hailed a little.  Cupid didn't mind getting hailed on when I brought him out for some grass.  The paddocks had been drying up, but unfortunately now they are pretty muddy again so I won't be able to turn Cupid out because I don't want to risk an infection.

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