Thursday, March 2, 2017


Cupid has been on stall rest since his injury.  So far he has been behaving very good, but he is getting a little pent up energy.  I walk him/let him graze at lease twice a day, before and after work.  My trainer has taken him too.  I've turned him out for 10 or so minutes into a small paddock, and he gets excited running around and bucking.  Here are some pictures of him frolicking. 

He has been very good about letting me clean the wound and wrap his leg.  But twice I've found him in the morning with his bandages off.  I've never seen him trying to undo it, but they looked secure the night before when I left so I'm not sure what's happening.  Yesterday I added an extra layer of duct tape over the velcro, and this morning it was still on.  He gnawed at one of the wraps that came off, and his cooler blanket, making a series of small teeth holes almost like mice had gotten to it!

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