Saturday, February 10, 2018


It's been months since I've gotten my saddle, but the replacement part just now arrived to exchange the rhinestone trim.  Nothing against Stubben or people who are into the bling thing, it's just not for me.  (I have a plain bridle too.)  I was unhappy when I received the saddle, but once they told me it would get fixed I was fine living with it until then.  I didn't think it would take this long, but at least it's done.  My wonderful rep picked up the saddle on Thursday, and brought it back on Friday.  I was already really happy with the fit and feel, and now it's perfect!


  1. Ha I'm personally good with bling on browbands and whatnot but yea, that's a little over the top on the saddle! Glad it was relatively easy to switch out!

    1. This is Stubben's youth saddle but I'm only 5' 2" so it fits me well. The demo model I tried had the rhinestones as well as a patent leather trim and I was very clear that I would buy it only if I could get it in all plain black leather!

    2. My saddle rep has some (what I consider) horror stories about the rising popularity of hot pink piping!