Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy 7th Birthday Cupid!

Happy birthday Cupid!!  He was 3 when I got him, and it is hard for me to believe he is 7 now.  I feel like we're pretty much out of excuses now for his green moments; he is old enough and has been off the track long enough now to know better!
7 carrot candles for Cupid
I gave him the day off, and instead took him out to graze.  He acted like an adult horse, and grazed normal instead of with his right leg way out in front and left leg under him, like he still often does.

Stallion lurking in the background... he doesn't care Cupid is a gelding
Sees his grain bucket coming.  I considered, but then was too embarrassed to sing Happy Birthday.

Cupid got some extra treats with his grain.  I couldn't quite tell which he preferred from the carrots, apples, and Mrs. Pastures, but he was pushing the grain around looking for something.  My money is on Mrs. Pastures.   I also filled his treat dispenser toy with Carrot & Spice Nuggets. 

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