Monday, July 20, 2015

Almost Healed

There hasn't been much to report in the last few weeks - I've been going out to see Cupid twice a day to turn him out in the morning, refill his water bucket, and change his bandage/check on the wound.  For the first few weeks there didn't look like there was much change in the wound, then all of the sudden over the last week it just shrunk and closed up dramatically!  Cupid is still wearing a standing wrap because I'm worried about him re-opening the wound, it has become clearly apparent that he is pretty accident-prone! 

I put him on the lunge line on Saturday (wrapping his front legs in polos), and he was pretty uncomfortable trotting.  His stifles/hind end look really stiff.  Hopefully it is just from loss of conditioning, but I'll discuss with the vet if there are any other issues we need to check, and will try to stay away from circles at least initially.  Then on Sunday I rode for about 12 minutes, with a few gentle inclines for him to walk up.  We'll start gradually working back up.
What do you mean I have to work??

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