Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Physical Therapy

I checked in with the vet to discuss putting Cupid back to work, and he prescribed some stretching exercises to help with Cupid's stifles!  These exercises involve lifting and stretching Cupid's hind legs - flex straight up, stretch out behind, stretch out underneath him.  10 reps of each move on each leg, so it takes a little time to go through it.  Recommended every 2-3 days.  Cupid does not seem to enjoy it, but he tolerates it at least. 
In the cross ties, waiting for PT to start
Cupid's been very good walking and trotting around the property.  We encounter a lot of small animals (rabbits, birds, even deer), and he is not scared if they run out from the bushes.  He doesn't mind shadows or puddles.  But he doesn't like when there is a new object in a place he's familiar with.  The other day it was a pallet of white feed bags stacked in front of the barn, he did not want to walk by.  He finally danced past it, I told him he was good boy and we kept going and looped around a few minutes later and walked by it again.  A little better the second time but he was still nervous.  A few more times and he wasn't bothered anymore. 

Ready for a ride
The first ride back in the arena had me concerned because he didn't want to trot at all.  I wasn't sure if it was the stifle, or something else that hurt, or if he was just being naughty.  I gave him the benefit of doubt and let him just walk.  This was before I saw the vet and the vet said I should try to push him a little more - the vet thought he was moving okay and said we need to push him a little.  The next time I rode it was outside and he seemed much happier to trot - I don't know if he was in a better mood or prefers the harder ground or just being outside.  I also like being outside but unfortunately there aren't too many places we can ride without having to go along a busy road.

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