Thursday, July 2, 2015

Adventures in Stall Rest

Cupid is slowly healing - no setbacks it's just going to take a while.  For the most part he has been a very good patient and has been very tolerant of me cleaning and wrapping his leg.  He doesn't seem to mind being in his stall but definitely has a lot of energy when I bring him out and we've had a few adventures.  I also feel bad for him because it does get pretty warm in the barn during the day.  I've been letting him out before and after work. 

One day when I was walking him he stopped and his eyes got huge, and I realized there was a new watering trough in the pasture that was scaring him.  But he was also kind of curious about it so we went to take a closer look.  Cupid would take a few steps stretching his nose out toward it, then stop and stare.  He couldn't decide if he was scared or curious!  But he gradually walked up to it, then realized what it was and took a big drink.

A few days ago I was letting him graze and he decided it would be more fun to go for a gallop instead!  I wasn't expecting it and just had a loose hold on the rope so couldn't stop him.  He galloped down the lane between the paddocks and pastures, and stopped to say hello to the mares over the fence.  He got all the other horses riled up, and ran up and down the lane a few times then decided he had enough and let me catch him.  Luckily no one was hurt.

Yesterday the vet cauterized the wound, to reduce the granulation tissue and allow skin to grow over it.  Cupid was very good during the procedure, we didn't need to sedate him.  We might need to do it again in about 2 weeks.  The vet said I should switch to a standing wrap instead of vetwrap because it's better for the skin, and that he can be turned out as long as he can keep the wrap on.  Cupid will be very happy to hear that!

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