Monday, July 6, 2015


I've been letting Cupid out in the pasture during the day, and he is happy to be with his buddies.  Here's his first turnout in about three weeks.
I watched him for a little while to make sure he's not overdoing it or trying to take his bandage off, but he was good.  He is getting more confident with the other horses, not a total pushover any more.  He was bossing the new horse around!  The big bay following him in the video is his buddy Spiffy, they seem to hang out together most of the day.  
On Sunday I clipped reins onto his halter and got on him bareback and just walked around for a few minutes.  Even though we didn't do much it felt good after not riding for so long!  Cupid was a very good boy.  I could feel a little difference that he's put on some weight during his time off, he was a little more comfortable bareback!  But I still wouldn't want to trot.

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