Friday, March 18, 2016

Feeling Better

Cupid has been staying in his stall the last few days with his hoof wrapped.  The vet came back yesterday, and though Cupid trotted out okay he still had a little bit of sensitivity to the hoof tester so the vet recommended one more day of rest and wrapping.
Drawing salve
Hoof wrap
Normally I would still let him get turned out as long as he is moving comfortably, sometimes it helps the abscess work itself out.  But we decided to keep him in since the pasture is still a little muddy.  He is pretty good in his stall but definitely gets a little frisky when I bring him out.  I walked to hand walk and let him graze a little, but he was being a handful so I let him out into a paddock and he ran around like crazy for several minutes, throwing in several bucks and head tosses. 

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