Friday, March 25, 2016

Still Recovering

Cupid does not seem to be in pain, but he is still not quite right.  He looks okay walking, in fact has been steeping under himself very nicely, but at the trot you can tell right away it is uneven.
He is being helpful and lending a hand

We skipped one lesson last week, and this week we still had our lessons but limited it to walk work.  I would have thought an hour of just walking would get boring, but actually we have been working hard on maintaining contact, bending, counter-flexing, shoulder fore, and leg yielding.  Cupid is doing very good, but there are certain spots in the arena where he seems to get more distracted and wants to look outside, and still likes to bulge out through his right shoulder.

I've been focusing on trying to keep my hands lower, and closed.  Also on sitting more evenly on my seatbones as I tend to sit more towards the right. 

I touched base with the vet and told him no abscess ever popped.  He said to give it a few more days, and if there is no improvement we might consider further diagnosis.

The shoer had mentioned that Cupid had a bit of thrush, and though I've been putting thrush buster in it yesterday I noticed a stronger thrush smell.  So now I'm wondering if he might have some deep thrush that is contributing or causing the soreness?  I am going to try treating for that and seeing if it helps.

Since I've been pretty worried I've been going to the barn in the evening as well as my usual mornings to wrap Cupid's hoof and leg.  (My trainer still thinks there may be something with the old injury and said it wouldn't hurt to give it some support.)  Cupid really likes the attention and getting to wander the aisles and nibble grass outside while all the other horses look on jealously.  The other night he was napping when I arrived.

Covered in shavings!

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