Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Balancing Side Reins

Cupid and I had a lunging lesson with our trainer.  I knew I was going to be a little short on time, plus I just got my new balancing side reins and wanted to make sure I'm using them correctly so I thought it would be a good alternative to a mounted lesson.

I hadn't been lunging Cupid very much recently, so he was a little slow with the cues.  We warmed up with a little walk and trot both directions.  My trainer kept reminding me that I need to make him go forward; it is not enough that he is simply trotting and I shouldn't settle for anything less than a nice, forward-moving trot.  I admit, I am lazy.  To me if I ask for a trot and he trots I'm satisfied. :p 

We put the balancing reins on and Cupid didn't seem too bothered by it.  My trainer showed me some techniques and different ways I can use the whip.
Cupid working in the balancing reins.
We trotted and then I asked for a canter.  Cupid cantered for a few strides and then dropped back into a trot.  Sometimes I can't tell if he's having a hard time balancing or just being lazy.  My trainer told me to start asking for the trot after a few canter strides, don't push it just make sure the down transition was my idea. 

My trainer took over a little.  Cupid pays more attention, I guess if I'm being honest she commands more respect than I do.  I am working on being more assertive, and realizing that I can be a little more firm and it doesn't make me mean.

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