Thursday, March 10, 2016

Wellness Day

Cupid had a very busy day today, with appointment with his farrier, chiropractor, and a saddle fitter!

First he had a loose shoe that needed to be tacked on.  The shoer added a nail to his other shoe too, so hopefully we will get through this next round of rain.
The chiropractor made a few adjustments, but said overall Cupid looks very good.  He had been a little sensitive on his right flank lately and I wasn't sure if he was hurting, but of course he didn't react when I showed the chiropractor.  She said he had put on some muscle since the last appointment.
Checking his jaw
Back adjustment
Finally I wanted the saddle fitter to look at the dressage saddle I bought last fall.  I was happy to hear that she said it was a good fit for him, but we are doing some reflocking because it is a little hard.  Plus she recommended lifting the front a little for better balance, she thought a small adjustment would make it easier for me to sit back better, I'll be interested to see if I can feel it.  I know I need to sit back more but I'm pretty sure it's me not the saddle!  We should have it back in about one week, much quicker than I thought! 

The fitter said that Cupid has big shoulders, and I need to be mindful I am not putting the saddle too far forward.  She showed me the proper placement, which is a tiny bit further back than I usually have it.  I told her I get thrown off when the girth looks too far back and she said that indeed that is that is how we used to be taught to put the girth right behind the elbow but that is not always correct.  So when I get my saddle back it will come with an anatomic girth.

She also looked at my jumping saddle.  At first she seemed a little displeased that it was foam not wool, but said it actually does fit Cupid well.  We will continue using it with the wool half pad.

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