Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy birthday Cupid!!

Cupid is 6 years old today!!  Even though he has no idea why, he got extra treats today. :p
Birthday boy
Birthday treat

He still had to work though, we had a lesson this morning.  We started off a little lazy, I had to work a little to get him going but he seemed like he was feeling okay.  My trainer reminded me that he is due to see the chiropractor.  I worked on trying to just squeeze with my calves instead of kick with my heels/bring my heels up.  I also focused on my hands, often times one of them will just float up or out, or twist at the wrist.  My trainer reminded me my whip should be pointing down, and if it's not my wrist isn't straight. 

We did a little canter to loosen up. My trainer encouraged me to get him going in a bit of a hand gallop down the long sides (using my legs not pumping with my upper body!) 

Next up was some pole work.  We started with three trot poles, and Cupid went through smoothly each direction.  Then we did a little pole pile at the canter, working in some walk-canter transitions.   I focused on sitting upright - it's just a pole so I don't need to come into two point!  We did a good job at coming to the base of the pole.  Then my trainer moved the poles out, so we bounced through three poles.  A few times Cupid got a little quick going through, somehow the three poles seemed to make it a lot more exciting for him.  I tried to remain upright, even thinking of leaning back - which gets me pretty straight even though it feels like I'm behind the vertical I'm not!  We had a little added distraction of people moving jumps just outside the arena, but Cupid was good.

Yesterday we lunged in the round pen.  Cupid hadn't been there in a while, and had a lot of energy bucking and crow hopping around!  Initially I had him off the line, but I thought I better put it on before he hurts himself!  I'm not sure why he was so fired up.

Last Friday and Sunday we did some conditioning work for both of us - 5 minutes of trotting in 2 point, and cantering a few minutes each direction.  On Sunday we also did a little walk around the property, which we haven't done in a while since it had been so muddy.  We had a nice little break from the rain, but it's supposed to be back tomorrow night. :/


  1. Well of course Valentine's is his birthday! <3

    1. That's where his name originally came from, but it suits his personality perfectly!