Monday, February 27, 2017

Another Injury!!??

My hopes that Cupid would grow out of his accident prone-ness have not materialized, as on Friday morning I found him with another deep gash on his leg.  I'm not sure how he could have hurt himself in his stall (caught himself scrambling to stand up maybe?)  It's possible he could have done it in turnout, but I think the barn staff would have noticed when they were bringing him in.  And it still looked pretty fresh.  Who knows?

Cupid's fan club
I was planning on going for a quick ride before work, perhaps just hack around the property since it was finally dry.  Early morning it is pretty dim in his stall.  I started brushing him, and when I got to his leg he kept picking it up.  He is pretty sensitive, but this seemed unusual so I grabbed a light and was aghast when I saw the large wound, almost the same spot he injured it 2 years ago.  I cleaned and bandaged it, and called the vet.  The vet came after I left, and said it was unstitchable but gave Cupid a steroid shot for the swelling and an antibiotic shot, plus left me anti-inflammatory (dexamethasone) and antibiotic medication (uniprim) to give him the next several days. 

So Cupid has spent the last few days in his stall, just coming out for light walks and grazing as often as I can.  So far he has been a model patient, very good about letting me clean and wrap his leg.  I usually do it while he eats his grain, so that probably helps. :p
At least there is plenty of grass!

Today I got to the barn early, and discovered a broken water pipe!  The aisle was under several inches water, but luckily the stalls are raised a little and stayed dry.  The barn staff made swift work of getting the water out.

Cupid is the further dark bay on the left

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