Thursday, February 23, 2017


A recap of our last week:

Thursday: Raining.  Had a lesson.  Since it was hard to hear in the arena with the rain on the metal roof, we started out with me doing my normal warm up (start with a little walk each direction, then add shallow loops, then move up to trot with some circles and loops and working on a little bending) with my trainer observing, and then offering suggestions.  She liked what I did but said that after the first few laps around I need to make sure I have Cupid going more forward.  We went over poles, and then ended with a small crossrail.

Friday: Raining.  Took the day off.  No turnout.

Saturday: Not raining!  Got to the barn a little later, had Cupid tacked up around 9:30 and the arena was a madhouse.  With all the activity and him being kept in the last 24 hours he was a little lit up.  We started walking around, trying to get him to focus and relax but he was just getting more amped up, which made me tense.  I tried getting on a circle and trotting with my inside leg on, but it was hard with all the people in the arena and Cupid just got more keyed up.  I decided to get off for a bit and do a little groundwork outside the ring.  We walked around the property around 20 minutes doing halts, yielding the haunches, backing up, and a little jogging in hand.  Cupid was very good. 

We went back into the arena, there were still a lot of riders plus someone with the audacity to take up a good chunk of the arena lunging their bucking horse.  X(  I was trying to remain calm as I got back on.  We kept it simple, trotting circles and a few figure 8s.  Cupid was a little quick but overall I thought he was good.

Sunday: Not raining, but very windy!  Only one other person in the arena, yay!  I did 5 minutes of trotting in 2 point, which my trainer recommended for improving my leg.  I'm supposed to work up to about 5 minutes each direction.  Cupid had one little spook when the wind really rattled the plastic siding of the arena, but it wasn't too bad.  He got very upset when the other horse left.  He still listened to me and did what I asked, but he screamed non-stop, a shrill little baby scream.  This isn't even a horse that is in his pasture, but they walked side by side a few minutes while his owner and I chatted.  We just did basic walk, trot, and canter.

Monday: Not raining, and I had the day off work.  Yay :)  We trotted and cantered over a ground pole.  It was good at the trot, but I still have a problem getting ahead at the canter.  We also practiced leg yielding.  It started out a little rough, but once Cupid realized what we were doing he responded.

Crazy winds overnight blew some branches down
Tuesday:  Raining.  Lesson.  Cupid started out a little lazy, but warmed up out of it and we had a great flatwork session.  We practiced our hand gallop.  I had to work hard, Cupid wasn't too keen on going that fast.  (Good boy!)  I still have a tendency to pump with my arms, it's such a habit I don't even notice.  My trainer laid out 3 poles and we trotted over a few times each direction.  Then she moved them further apart and we cantered over them.  Cupid got a little quicker when we were cantering, especially to the left, so I really tried to make sure I was sitting up.

Wednesday:  Not raining.  We took the day off.

Thursday:  Not raining, but very cold.  (37 degrees when I arrived at the barn, only warmed up to 41 when I left!)  Lesson.  Cupid had some energy, but was not being too quick.  Flatwork focused mainly on me sitting up straight (I tend to collapse through my ribcage), shoulders over hips.  And also toes pointing forward and not too far through the stirrup.  We ended the lesson by trotting over a tiny crossrail, with 2 other horses in the arena.  I was worried Cupid would be distracted, but I think it bothers me more than him.
Mud pit

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