Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Stormy Weather

We got a brief respite from winter, but it has been back full force the last few days.  During my lesson Tuesday morning the rain was pouring, it was foggy, and the wind was blowing like crazy.  My trainer had to shout to be heard, but the lesson was going well.  Cupid seemed pretty nonchalant about everything, even though he didn't get turned out the day before.  As we were trotting along I heard a few pop sounds.  I wasn't sure what it was, I kind of looked in that direction then reminded myself to focus.  All of a sudden a giant tree branch came crashing down, just outside the covered arena!  Cupid was understandably startled, and spun around and took a few running steps the opposite direction.  But then he came to a stop, and seemed okay.  I was wondering if I should resume a trot right away, but my trainer told me to walk a minute.  So we walked for a minute, then back to a trot.  Cupid was very good, he didn't get quick or anything.

We kept the lesson pretty simple (no jumping, didn't introduce anything new) and cut it a little short.  I was very proud of Cupid for being so good.

Wednesday I planned to lunge Cupid but didn't have enough time before work.  I'm not sure if they're getting turned out today.  If not our lesson tomorrow might get a little more interesting!
All cozy back in his stall

The picture doesn't do justice to how horrible the weather was!

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