Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lunging, Take 2

Over the weekend one of my instructors, who practices natural horsemanship, spent a little time playing with Cupid in the indoor arena. She was amazed that a three year old would be so unfazed about walking over a tarp or having a stick with a plastic bag tied to the end waved around him. Cupid is very easy going and doesn't seem to be bothered by much, except on occasion does not like being away from his pasture mates. He was being lazy and did not want to trot on the lead though. After my unsuccessful first attempt at lunging, I have to admit I thought about giving up. I can live with my horse not being able to lunge as long as he rides okay. :p But I did try again. The second time I just clipped the lunge line to his halter. I'm not sure what I did different, but it went a lot better. The circle was more of a blob but Cupid walked and trotted around me both directions. When I asked him to "whoa" he did, and though he would turn slightly in towards me he did not walk in, but he looked like he would rather stand in the middle with me! When Cupid was trotting around me he suddenly seemed like a grown-up horse not a baby. A very handsome horse at that! Since Cupid is pastured with other horses I feel bad about taking him out while they are eating their hay, since the other horses will eat his share while he's out. But it takes them a really long time, over 2 hours, to finish the hay! I went out later than usual last night so he would be done with his hay, but it got darker a little earlier than I expected. I did a brief lunging session in the covered arena (which has lights). I think Cupid was a little more on edge than usual but he was very well-behaved. It was totally dark by the time I took him back to the pasture. Since it was a bit chilly and misty I put his new waterproof turnout sheet on for the first time.

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