Monday, July 14, 2014

Saddle up!

After giving Cupid a few weeks to unwind after racing, I decided we were ready to slowly ease into riding! First I needed to fit him for a saddle, so he will be comfortable and not start his training on a bad note. Lucky for me a saddle fitter was coming out to the barn. I picked up a saddle on trial, but unfortunately it doesn't work for Cupid. Luckily one of my trainer's schooling saddles is a pretty good fit, so I can use that until I find one.
We had our first ride on Saturday, just at a walk and doing walk-halt-walk transitions. Cupid was very good! Although he does not know how to do circles very well I thought he was pretty responsive to rein and leg aids for an OTTB. He whinnied a few times but stayed calm and listened. We kept it short, about 15 minutes, for the first time. No pictures since there wasn't anyone there who can take them for me. I was going to ride again on Sunday but it was so hot I decided to just groom him and let him take it easy.

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