Friday, July 4, 2014


Though he still gets an occasional new bite, Cupid is pretty well aclimated to his new home and herd. During his second week I started only coming out once a day instead of twice. Cupid is a very easy-going horse, almost lazy. He is very good being tied now. When I walk him he will occasionally whinny to his buddies but does not appear anxious. On Thursday I decided to try lunging him. I don't think he's every been lunged before. I put a snaffle bridle on him (borrowed, I still need to get one). For his first time I decided not to add any more tack. Since our round pen is very deep I decided to go to the regular arena instead. I started by leading him around in a circle and then slowly moved away from him. It was slow going as he stopped or followed me. I tried to use the correct body language to move him but he was confused and I don't think I was assertive enough as he just wanted to turn in towards me. He is not at all phased by the whip and ignored it even as I tapped his rump. I tried leading him again and moving away slowly, and when he did a few circles I praised him and changed direction. It was the same to the other direction (plus he had to stop to pee too, which is pretty funny because he stretches his front legs way out in front and his hind legs several feet back and is about half his normal height!) I'll have to think of something different to try next time.
On Friday I had my riding lesson on a school horse, then played with Cupid. We walked on a trail which is parallel to the road and adjacent to it at one point, and he was very well-behaved and not concerned about the cars. He whinnied once on the way back but did not rush. We practiced "whoa" (he has to stand still on a loose lead until I ask him to move) and "walk". I think his back may be sore, the last few days when I brushed him he drops his back in certain spots. I don't know if it's from racing and something he did in the paddock. Unfortunately I missed the horse chiropractor who just came out to the barn, but next time I'll add Cupid to the list.

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