Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Our main focus right now is working on improving Cupid's steering. He is used to training on a nice wide racetrack where he doesn't have to do circles or change directions much. I've been using the jumps in the arena to weave around - hopefully this also makes our sessions more interesting for Cupid. Last night I laid a tarp out in the arena and rode over it at a walk and trot, which Cupid does perfectly. We still need to work on our canter leads. He doesn't seem to favor one lead over the other, but gets it wrong on both sides quite often! I got a new bridle for Cupid which has a padded crownpiece, brow band, and nose band. He has very thin skin (unfortunately is getting blanket rub on his shoulder) so hopefully this is more comfortable for him. We are still saddle shopping which is getting frustrating. I need to get someone to take some pictures of me riding! In the meantime here is one of Cupid napping after lunch with his buddy Lance looking out for him, and one in his turnout blanket. He lives close to the coast, even though it is summer it can get pretty chilly in the evening.

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