Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Quick Update

Cupid and I have been working on getting back into shape, continuing with riding outside the ring, lunging over caveletti, and his stretches.  We will resume working with our trainer soon, we would have already but he's been busy with some shows. 
Caught him napping!
Yesterday when I rode Cupid it was very foggy, which makes him a little more spooky.  He was good walking by a new water trough, but got startled by another horse and someone shaking out a blanket.  When he gets startled it kind of feels like his legs just come out from under him, all of the sudden he gets a foot shorter.  If it's really bad he spins, luckily he didn't do that.

This morning I lunged him and he was pretty naughty.  He was good going to the left, but when we switched to the right he didn't want to go over the caveletti and kept running out.  After a few times I put another, higher caveletti angled to the side.  The first time he tried to run out and had to jump over it, after that he decided it was easier to just go over the lower caveletti.  But I did have a little bit of trouble keeping him on the circle, and he got loose once I accidentally let go of the line.  He ran bucking down to the end of the arena, luckily he didn't trip on the lunge line.  I made him go over a few times and he was good so we called it a day.  He might be a little sore tomorrow from the exertion and banging into the caveletti.

He gets in all sorts of awkward situations trying to get food

Eating something spiky

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