Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Back in Training

Cupid and I had a nice little break from heavy duty training, but it's time to get serious again. 
Our first lesson back we reviewed the basics, then did a little jumping for the first time in about 2 months.  We started with a pile of poles, and Cupid leaped over them exuberantly the first few times.  Then he remembered it's no big deal and was calm.  We did little crossrails and a small brush box, just 12"-18".  Cupid was very good!  I still need to work on not leaning too far ahead coming into the jumps, plus I have a bad habit of dropping my right rein after the jump!  Definitely not something I can get away with when galloping around a course so I really need to work on that!!

Our lucky day - we found a 5 leaf clover!
This morning we had a lesson on the flat.  I lunged Cupid a bit before our lesson, and he was super lazy.  However a little after I got on him he suddenly found a lot of energy.  We were trotting on a circle, and we picked up a canter once so after that Cupid decided that is the "canter depart point" and would pick up a canter every time we got there.  He picked it up really smooth and it was a nice canter, but my trainer reminded me if I didn't ask for it then I need to pull him up right away.  Then once he got a little quick and I thought he was going to run away with me so I kind of pointed him at the arena fence to stop.  I think I overreacted. 
We worked on leg yielding from a canter - we started on the rail and were supposed to go through a set of cones set about 10 feet off the rail then go back onto the rail.  The first few times was rough, but I did it a few times at the trot and then Cupid figured out what I was asking for and was pretty good.  It is easier getting him to move off the right leg then the left.  We both got a good workout and were tired at the end of the lesson.
Cats bring their owners dead mice - Cupid brought me a big spiky shrub!


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