Monday, August 31, 2015


One of my least favorite things about horseback riding is the amount of gear needed.  My trainer likes me to lunge before lessons to loosen Cupid up, and establish light contact with the side reins.  So between Cupid and myself we need the following:
-saddle (Stubben Portos)
-saddle pad (Roma all purpose)
-half pad (Thinline, just switched from sheepskin)
-girth (ancient)
-fleece girth cover (because he has thin skin)
-side reins (leather w/ rubber donut)
-lunge line (I use a thick cotton one)
-breastplate w/ running martingale attachment (HDR)
-gloves (ancient & need to be replaced)
-helmet (Ovation)
-lunge whip (courtesy of my sister)
-bridle (Plymouth w/ flash noseband; Myler comfort snaffle)
Once the jumps get bigger we'll probably add boots for Cupid.  Hauling it all out and putting it on is just once problem, I also try to clean everything most weekends.  Sometimes I like to just go on strike and clip some reins onto Cupid's halter and nothing else!

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