Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I ride in the mornings before work, and am usually the first person at the barn.  Today I opened the barn door to find the barn aisle covered in water!  I was surprised for a moment, even though it was raining the rain wasn't that hard and had never flooded the barn like that before.  Then I heard running water and realized one of the horses broke his automatic waterer so water was just spilling out the pipe!  Luckily there is a shut off valve above each waterer so I was able to turn it off easily.  Then I called the barn manager and let him know what happened.
Cupid is down at the far end, on the left side
Cupid was moved to a different stall just a few days ago, and his stall pretty much the worst hit by the water!  There was water several inches deep right outside.  At first I didn't like that his stall had a little step up into it, but it turned out to be a good thing today because even though I had to wade through the water to get to him his stall was dry inside.  But he had pulled  his blankets off the rack and dropped them in the water!
You can't tell but that water is several inches deep!

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  1. Bet the barn manager is glad you ride early - what a mess! Sounds like Cupid was trying to help you out and wash his blankets! Glad his stall was dry!