Monday, February 29, 2016

Group Trail Ride

On Sunday Cupid and I saddled up with two other horses and riders from our barn for our first group trail ride.  We went to the same park up the road from our barn that I've taken Cupid to once before.  Cupid seemed to be a little more relaxed with the company, sometimes he gets a little worried being away from home and gets a little quick and whinnies a lot. 

Cupid was in the middle.  He was being very good, so when the leader asked if we were okay trotting I said yes and Cupid continued listening and being good.  There were a few tricky parts, like navigating through rocks and the trail was a little rutted in some parts.  There were a few muddy patches, and the lead horse stopped at a bigger puddles so Cupid went to the front and walked through calmly.  We passed a lot of hikers on the trail.  We went out for about an hour before turning back.  Cupid did get a little quick a few times heading home.  At one point when we were in front he started trotting very fast, it took me a few seconds to slow him back down.  So we went back behind one of the other horses for a bit.  Cupid settled back down.  Overall he was a very good boy.  There were a lot of hills, plus a little bit from the nerves, he was very sweaty by the time we got back so I hosed him off.
Pre-bath, that's all sweat!

His face was itchy.
After his bath I let him graze a little and told him I was very proud.  Then I brushed him off, and wrapped his legs since he worked a longer than usual.

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