Thursday, February 25, 2016

Home Sweet Stall

Pretty much every morning when I get to the barn Cupid's blankets are in a heap in front of his stall, because he likes to pull them off the bar.  At least he doesn't pull them into his stall and stomp them in the manure!  But when a new trainer moved into the barn and had blanket bags in front of each stall I thought it was a great idea so I went to look online.  As luck would have it Schneider's was having a free embroidery promotion!  So I ordered a blanket bag, and also grooming tote, with Cupid's name on it!
Cupid wondering how he can get to his blankets now
Close up

I also got a nice grown up halter for Cupid with a nameplate.  I won't be leaving this in front of his stall because he chews on that too!

We had a really good lesson today, Cupid and I both felt very confident and relaxed.  We started off with some flatwork.  First I had to do some two point, to help strengthen my leg.  We worked on slowing, then increasing, the trot.  Then we did some circles working on a bend and a little bit of counterbend.  We did a little canter work, first on a circle with me focusing on sitting, then around the whole arena in two point.  I'm still working on not pumping with my arms and upper body, and it's getting better. 

Then we got to the jumping.  We started with just a single crossbar to warm up, and I could tell it would be a good day.  Cupid was very calm, trotting in and cantering out quietly.  We worked up to a one stride combo and really focused on my position - sitting a little more upright and supporting with my leg.  Cupid tends to drift to the left a little, so I tried to make sure I kept my left leg on and kept him straight after the jump.  After a few times my trainer suggested we stop in a straight line after the jump.  Cupid stopped nicely, and the second time through after we landed he was kind of looking to me like, are we going to stop or do you want me to go?  He picks up on things pretty quick, and figures out how to make adjustments if needed. 

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