Monday, February 22, 2016

New Gear

I admit, I have a shopping problem!  The internet makes it so easy.  On a slow day at work I am always browsing online.  I recently got new open front jumping boots.  I've been jumping Cupid without any leg protection, in part (as mean as it sounds) to help him learn to be careful and not hit jumps.  He's actually always been pretty careful though.  Well he'll still feel the jumps with the open fronts, but the backs and sides will be protected.  After a lot of consideration and trainer input, I've decided on the Eskadron Air open front boots.  His legs shouldn't overheat in these.  As an added bonus, they come in navy!
Cupid modeling his new boots.
Stock photo from Dover Saddlery
Stock photo from Dover Saddlery
Cupid also received a lovely new dressage bridle on his birthday.  It has double raised detailing on the browband and noseband, a crank noseband with flash (which I usually leave fairly loose), and has a monocrown and padding for comfort.
Looking like a real dressage horse!

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