Thursday, February 18, 2016


My new trainer rode Cupid for the first time today.  It was fun watching him go, he looked really nice!  She had him on the bit and moving really nicely.  Cupid was very good and didn't seem confused to have someone new on him.  He looks like a much bigger horse when he's moving out.

Afterwards I got on him and I have to say he felt very light and forward.  I worked on maintaining contact through transitions as I have a habit of throwing my hands forward to encourage him to go, which of course is incorrect!  I'm still working on keeping my hands closed, elbows bent, and seat in the saddle.  As well as keeping my heels down, and wrists straight. ::sigh::  So much to remember!  I fix one thing but that throws something else off!  It really makes me wish I had spent more time on this in the beginning so the bad habits wouldn't be so ingrained.

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