Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Giving Thanks

Cupid and I have been having productive rides, but nothing really remarkable to share.  We did a bit of jumping yesterday, and after a few jumps got back into the rhythm of it.  I meant to post closer to Thanksgiving, but work has been keeping me very busy and I've been sick on top of it.  But I do want to express some gratitude for the many things I'm blessed with.

- To Cupid, my partner and best friend, who is willing to grow with me and continues to rise to the challenge when I keep asking more from him.

- To my wonderful, patient trainer who somehow hasn't given up on me yet, even after telling me the same thing a hundred times!

- To my wonderful and supportive family, for not resenting all the time I spend at the barn.

- To my job, for letting me afford this hobby and allowing me enough flexibility in my schedule to enjoy it!

- To all entire team who helps keep Cupid and me comfortable: barn manager, vet, farrier, saddle fitter, chiropractor (his and mine!), body workers.

- To my barn friends, and internet friends, who share this crazy passion and make it more fun.

- For all the progress Cupid and I have made in the past year, learning the ways of dressage.

- For me becoming not only more competent, but perhaps a little braver.

- That Cupid and I both managed to avoid any serious injuries or health issues.

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