Monday, August 31, 2020


As many people in the west, I have bookmarked and been checking purpleair obsessively.  I think I may be becoming a bit immune to the smoke smell, because sometimes I don't or barely notice it, then check only to see the AQI reading above 100.  I'm not sure how accurate this is, sometimes two reading fairly close to each other are very different which could truly be the microclimates but sometimes makes me question the accuracy.  But nevertheless I air on the side of caution and don't ride or keep it super light on those days (which, lets face it has been pretty much every day for the past 2 weeks).

Today I threw on my bareback pad and Cupid and I walked around the property.  The bridle paths have been widened and groomed, so it is pretty nice right now.

We stopped in the arena for a few minutes, just doing a few walk-halt-walk transitions and leg yields at the walk.  We've been doing some turns on the haunches in hand and ridden at the walk, and some simple exercises to try to maintain some semblance of work.  But overall I must say standards are slipping.  Today I didn't change out of my sneakers, and let Cupid stop for some grass.  (He doesn't have any trouble eating with his bit, or even his slightly loose flash strap)

Monday, August 24, 2020

With Gratitude

Cupid is hanging out at an evacuation center.  We had been preparing for this eventuality for several days, but it was still a bit of shock when I got the message from our barn manager, and things happened very quickly from there and all horses were moved within a few hours.  They were not in any immediate danger from the current fires, but with more lightning forecasted, and the visibility so poor, it was a preventive move.

Cupid has all his buddies around him, and seems perfectly content.  It is much harder for us owners, as we are not permitted to take our horses out of their stalls.  But we can visit, and groom them and give them carrots. 

A huge thank you to everyone who is making this as painless as possible, or otherwise helping in the fire relief efforts, including but not limited to:

- our barn manager, for making this very difficult decision and working tirelessly to make it happen smoothly and making sure everyone (horses and humans!) are doing okay

- the volunteers at the evac center, who are feeding, cleaning, walking, and keeping an eye on our horses, and moved horses with expertise, calmly getting everyone loaded and there safely

- my barnmates, who helped move and text me pictures and updates of Cupid

- the tireless firefighters, dealing with danger and poor air quality.  (And may they find this piece of worthless trash:, as well as any looters)

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Windy Hill Trail Ride

Today Cupid and I ventured to a park that I've hiked numerous times, but never rode in.  But it's been a while and I guess I kind of forgot that there are a few steeper climbs - Cupid made it but he was sweating buckets and huffing and puffing!  

We're heading into a bit of a heatwave.  It was in the 80s today, but luckily the first part of the trail was pretty well shaded and then once we got a bit higher there was a bit of a breeze.  (Guess it's not called Windy Hill for nothing!)  The park was pretty empty, we saw a few hikers and cyclists (who were all very nice and stopped and pulled over for us pass, even though the trail is fairly wide.)  We trotted a few stretches early on, but didn't want to wear the horses out too much so walked the rest of the way.

Once we reached the summit, I checked the map and determined we should turn around and return the way we came instead of completing the loop, which would have been a bit longer.  Cupid was a bit antsy when we turned around, and seemed a bit over everything and just wanted to get home.  But luckily he settled back down after bouncing around a bit, and we enjoyed the rest of the ride.

Things have been going fine at the home barn - nothing really interesting for me to write about.  We don't have anything set on the calendar but there are a few events we may consider.  Otherwise, we'll just keep on keeping on!