Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Best Laid Plans

I got the brilliant idea from Amelia Newcomb to create this shirt (with masking tape) to help me easily check my alignment if I video myself.  I was really pumped to try it, and managed to execute a proof of concept but unfortunately had my tracker turned off for all but the last minute of our ride, when we were just walking around.  Whomp whomp.  

Here I'm turned sideways talking to someone outside the arena, but it gives an idea how it will look.

Now here I'm basically just neck reining Cupid on a long rein, at least my shoulders are level but there is really no reason for my spine to be that curved.

And after that turn even going into the corner I'm still holding some of that crookedness, making us counterbent going into the turn.

I think this will be a helpful thing to try a few times - assuming I'm not a total dummy with the camera again. 

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