Monday, August 15, 2022

Healing Progress

I am very happy to say Cupid's healing has been progressing smoothly, without any setbacks!  He has been a model patient, staning loose in his paddock while I wrap his legs and hasn't removed a single bandage. 

We've had lots of quality time the last few weeks
 About a week ago I could tell his patience was starting to wear thin - nothing bad but every day both the blankets in front of his stall were on the ground, he was a bit more peppy on walks, just a few small signs.  Luckily, his wound was healed over well enough that the risk of it reopening is minimal so starting last week he got to go back out to group turn-out, and I've even gotten on his back for a few 20 minute walks!

First ride in about a month!!

I think the wound is healed enough that it won't scare anyone - for the full graphic progression see the pictures on Instagram.

23 days post surgery

Cupid has also resumed his teaching duties.  My son loves to trot, and is very eager to start jumping 😆

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  1. oof, what a wound! glad that the recovery has been more or less uncomplicated -- even if long! what a relief that he's cleared for more movement and turnout too! here's hoping it's all smooth sailing from here!